With more than 20 years experience manufacturing interior and exterior products from glass.


When you're picking out your mirror, first and foremost consider its overall function. Do you need a full-length mirror to nitpick daily outfits, or do you merely need a small wall mirror for added decoration? The location of the mirror can alter the size as well.

Although most serve a purpose, mirrors are also great decorative elements. You can cluster several round mirrors together to form a piece of art, or use one sunburst mirror as a focal point for your space.

Glasstime can produce a variety of mirror designs from polished edges to decorative bevels on straight-edged or shaped pieces of mirror.

Glasstime produces doors in any size, color and thickness depending on the customer demand.  Also it is possible to perform sand blasting in any design, form or inscription depending on the customer demand.

The shower enclosuers that we are offering are made by individual project for each client. It consists of a taking measures, the choice of appropriate glass and glass fitting, manufacture and installation.

Glasstime provides a wide range of shop-front designs and glass replacement options to suit any commercial, industrial or domestic needs. We can offer various shop-front design options that can integrate with your existing premises or design something new to suit any current building project.

Prints on Glass utilises the latest in printing technology to produce stunning custom printed glass creations. A printed glass image is a modern alternative to printing on canvas. Its appeal and style make it perfect for the display of wedding photos, portraits, landscape images or corporate signage. Applications for printing to glass are endless and can include printing images on to glass tables, kitchen splash-backs, shower screens and pool fencing.